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After just 10 minutes with John, you’ll understand why he has earned his reputation as the most caring tax practitioner in Dallas. As a strong champion of small business and individual tax rights, he personally works with every client. Everyone comes out a winner!

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John L. Elwell, CPA & JD

Professional CPA & Tax Advisor Since 1986
  • Professional Tax Practitioner Since 1986
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The IRS openly claims that most tax cheats are self-employed. More than ever, they’re watching small business owners. So whether you have many employees or work alone, your return(s) will likely be audited at some point.

My goals depend on your specific needs. I can:

  • Help you avoid audits by preparing tax returns right the first time
  • Provide comprehensive solutions and representation for IRS disputes you may have now

360° Tax Support

I specialize in tax for small businesses, self-employed individuals, and individuals whose returns require special attention. Key areas:

  • Tax return preparation and filing: finding and utilizing every money-saving tax break you deserve
  • IRS: filings, compliance, disputes, payments and settlements, audit defense
  • Tax: estate tax, gift tax, income tax, payroll tax, property tax, sales tax
  • Proactive tax planning: analysis of future tax reductions on budgets and cash flow
  • Retirement planning: identifying contributions that can increase tax savings and retirement positions

Contact Us We offer a free 30 minute initial phone consultation to assess your unique tax needs. (Answers to specific tax questions and tax return preparation not included.)

QuickBooks ProAdvisor Services for Small Business

QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisorWe can handle most typical services:

  • QuickBooks support (full-service)
  • Automated monthly recordkeeping
  • Payroll (bi-weekly, quarterly, annual)
  • Incorporation set-up and forms

Cloud Computing Technology

Elwell & Associates can help you host your licensed QuickBooks software and data files. The benefits to you:

  • Access your QuickBooks company files anytime, anywhere
  • Collaborate with us in QuickBooks in real-time
  • No need to transfer QuickBooks company files back and forth
  • Daily on and offsite company file backups