John L. Elwell, CPA & JD

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Helps me improve cash flow and increase profits

As the owner of a small technology consultancy, I must stretch every dollar. E & A continuously helps me find areas where I can improve cash flow and increase profits. Numbers aren’t my strength, so it’s great to have their help. I would advise every entrepreneur to concentrate on sales while the Elwell professionals handle your money.

Paul Tomlinson LTD

Always has my best interests at the forefront

John is someone I would choose to be side-by-side with in battle because he always has my best interests at the forefront.

Betty Garrett, Garrett Speakers International

Handles all of my tax and retirement planning

I met John through a mutual friend many years ago. I was impressed with his background and dual certifications (CPA + Attorney). Initially, he helped me settle a complex family estate in Florida. It went so well that today, I have him handle all of my tax and retirement planning, as well as tax returns. Through technology, location is no issue at all. John is, by far, the best in class!

G. Benjamin Cohen, Sr. Patent Counsel, Xerox USA

Helped me grow my businesses

When John left Deloitte to start his own practice, I signed on as his first client. I knew that his financial experience would help me grow my businesses. His friendly, caring accounting staff treats my work with respect. And whether it’s IRS, State, Property or Franchise taxes, John is so very skilled. Best of all, I know I’m more than a client — I’m a valued person!

Charlie Patel, Lakeside Cleaners and Paciugo franchisee (Northpark)